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CA DRE#  1992560

Jacob Driver is a born and raised San Diegan and has spent his life working in and for his community. Jacob’s roots are planted deeply into the San Diego community, his great grandfather founded the Robert F Driver Insurance Company in 1925. This company would become one of San Diego’s best-known independent insurance brokerage firms. Though during his time at San Diego State University, Jacob felt his future was headed in a different direction than the family business.

Growing up Jacob’s first love was athletics, he loved everything about sports. The teams, the structure, the camaraderie, and of course the competition. From a young age Jacob was very competitive and always wanted to win at everything. His parents quickly learned that creating a game is all they needed to do to get him to do his chores. This love of competition became abundantly clear during Jacob’s time at La Costa Canyon High School. Jacob was a part of LCC’s football team, and spent all of his time working out and studying the game in order to improve. This dedication ultimately paid off when he was awarded a full scholarship to play football for San Diego State University. It was Jacob’s dream to play football in college in front of his family, and the community that he loved so much.
Football was Jacob’s ticket into college, but he knew academics were the real prize. During his time at SDSU Jacob obtained a Business Degree with an emphasis in Finance and a minor in Marketing. This degree would introduce Jacob to many different subjects across his many courses, but the subject that began to occupy all of his elective courses was Real Estate. Jacob never planned to have a career in Real Estate, but he was intrigued by it. Jacob had gotten involved in property management while at SDSU, and wanted to learn more about what it took to own, manage, build, buy, and sell Real Estate.

After graduation, still thinking he would work in finance, Jacob took internships at a few different financial institutions across San Diego, but never felt like it was the right fit for him. During his internships, he was approached by the football coach of his alma mater, La Costa Canyon High School, he inquired about a coaching job, and asked if Jacob was interested in helping the football team. Jacob accepted, having recently finished his football career, Jacob was happy to have a new connection to the game he loved. It was during his first season coaching that Jacob realized that his passion was serving those in his community. He wanted a career that would add value to his community, and help the people around them achieve their goals.

In October of 2015 Jacob was given an opportunity to work as an assistant for a successful Real Estate Agent, Zachary Sestina. Jacob began to learn the ins and out of the business, and immediately the intrigue for Real Estate he felt in college was back. His competitive side kicked in, and he began to learn all of the nuances of what it took to be a successful agent. Zac recognized the potential in Jacob's  diligent work ethic, attention detail and problem solving. These qualities are what make a top tier agent, and Zac wanted to bring Jacob on as a member of his team.

Jacob obtained his Real Estate Saleperson license in February of 2016 and has worked alongside Zac to build a flourishing business together. Jacob’s three values that have become the main pillars of his business model are: Transparency, Communication, and Trust. While most Real Estate Agents focus their businesses around transactions and sales, Jacob’s business model is focused around his clients and their goals. He considers himself a Consultant, not a Salesperson, and his job is to give you professional insight so that you can make an educated decision.

This business model has allowed Jacob to serve many great clients across San Diego County and throughout California. Since getting licensed, Jacob alongside his partner Zac have consulted clients on transactions totaling a value over $50 Million. Many of which are sourced from repeated clients and referrals from their networks due to the positive experience that their clients have working with them.

​​​​​​​Jacob is an experienced Real Estate Advisor that cares about his community and has a deep knowledge of the many different micro communities across San Diego County. If you are looking for an agent to buy or sell a house you can find one anywhere. If you are looking for an Advisor that will analyze your real estate needs, and guide you toward the best outcome for your future, Jacob is happy to give you a consultation.

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If you are looking for an advisor that will analyze your real estate needs, and guide you toward the best outcome for your future, I am happy to give you a consultation.